Case Study: SC Johnson

Frimley Green, Surrey, England


SC Johnson

Delta Parnter: ACME Technical Services Ltd.

Project size: Unknown


History: ACME Technical Services Ltd. have been servicing and modifying the control system at SC Johnsons on their Frimley site since the year 2000. ACME were initially invited in after SC Johnsos were experiencing problems with the previous companies performance. It was not until January 2006 when the client began a staged refurbishment program of the site that we were able to update the control system.


Objective: SC Johnson wanted to improve the comfort level within the offices for their employees. At the same time they wanted to reduce their operating and energy costs.


System Selection: The client would have installed a BMS supervisor sooner, however the original controller range (Satchwell) uses a closed protocol BMS program, so there was only really two options—Micronet View, but this product does not have a web server, so multiple remote viewing was not possible. Visiview was considered but the maximum points for this system would have been exceed. With both products speed would have been an issue as the fastest speed possible using the IAC range is 4800 baud.


An alternative system was sort. The replacement would need to operate on the existing two core twisted screened cable which runs from the touchscreen around the local lan. The other consideration was that none of the tochscreens were connected so to reduce the installation cost the new system would have to utilise the customers existing Ethernet IP network.

Delta was the perfect fit with the Bacstat making the final decision easy.


Implementation: Refurbishment of the offices allowed us unprecedented access to the existing fan coil units. This opportunity was taken improving the office comfort for the occupants with locally mounted sensor setpoint devices.


To reduce energy costs we also monitored the stand alone PIR lighting control system. This allowed unoccupied rooms to be sent to standby mode operation, stopping the fan and relaxing the heating and cooling setpoints until the room was occupied again or the temperature deteriorated away from the standby heating and cooling setpoint values.


Client Benefits: Maintenance time has reduced as area setpoints can now be altered from any workstation on the companies intranet once a username and password is entered. The facilities department can check the automatic temperature trend logs present in the outstations at any time without having to manually set the trending beforehand. This allows site engineers to identify correct valve performance, or prove valve operation. Valve actuators can be easily overridden and room results monitored. This feature allows better targeting of site labour and reduced disturbance the office staff and ceiling grid. Any generated alarms are routed to the appropriate engineer in the form of an email, again allowing the correct information to pass to the right engineer.


The client has benefited from the new technology that the Delta system offers. ACME Technical Services Ltd has also replaced AHU controllers and main plant boilers / chillers. ACME is working with SC Johnsons to integrate or replace the other control systems on site, namely Production Area AHU’s and Warehouse Trend burner controlled outstations.


Topology: The system which is still being expanded comprises of an Orcaweb client server BMS PC, 4 DSC main plant controllers, 135 DAC application controllers and 68 Bacstats. Predominantly this equipment controls the office areas, some temperature controlling split A/C units but mostly controlling FCU’s with heating and chilled water motoric valves.


DDC Architecture:




Connected I/O Points

System Architecture




OWS / Integrated OWS




Webserver / ORCAweb




Area Controllers




System Controllers




Application Controllers




Field Modules




Access Controller




Access Door Controllers




Card Readers




Card Users




Lighting Controllers




ORCA Power